Definitely french-by-design and hand-made in San Francisco, we are on a mission to design sustainable and unique pieces in small batches.

Madeleine. A French woman walking across the lavender fields of Provence. 

This rich land full of clear summer skies and the fresh smell of a thyme-lavender bouquet heated by the beating sun. If eternity was a feeling, it would be this. 

Madeleine B. is my grandmother’s name. She is my role model. She represents how authenticity and tradition can thrive when mixed with modernity! 

Recalling my childhood memories in Paris and Provence is an endless source of influence. Inspired by nature in all its forms, each jewel brings back a piece of land with it. Play with it & make it yours. 

The ginkgo leaves have been integrated into the logo as a tribute to this intuitive call to the vast lands, infused by peace & surrender.

We intuitively settled in San Francisco in 2019,this boundless city which embraces so well our essential value as Frenchies: Liberty.

At Madeleine B., we carry this liberty very close to our heart, believing creation should not be restricted in any way!

Producing small batches allows us to do so: to always experiment & let our imagination run free!

We consciously pick every material to guarantee it stays gentle for your skin.

- Audrey

Paris is infallible, art is infused everywhere through architecture - from the hidden tiny passages to the stately Haussmann-style boulevards .
Provence is where it's easier to find seculate places, labyrinth-like elevate villages. Rivers running free rub wild violets - afternoon nap is part of the landscape. It is where my inner self lies.
San Francisco
Sitting in the dock of the Bay...San Francisco is a travel out of space and time, not a destination. Hills and mood follow Karl the fog diktat - Nature rules alongside imagination.

Want to know more about our inspirations ?

Each piece of jewels tells a story about an old or modern land.