Care tips

Madeleine B. jewels are made with individual care, following traditional jewelry techniques. We are trying to keep them consistent. However, each piece is unique and you may notice tiny differences between two natural gems color…


General tips

Slow down the naturally-occurring oxidation and aging process by following these tips !

  • Try to store your jewel apart in order to avoid scratching amongst them. 
  • Carefully store thin chains necklaces and bracelets to avoid chains to get tangled : keep the clasp outside of the pouch while closing it ! Jewels are messing up though their ends !
  • Gently rub the surface of your gold plated or gold filled jewelry using a soft jewelry cloth to help restore shine.
  • Avoid contact with water, cosmetics, or cleaning products, among others. You should put them on after showering and spraying your perfume.
  • Remove your jewelry before you swimming.

    Each type of material is differently exposed to oxidation and aging process. Consult our gentle materials guide to discover more !


    Maintain stones & mother-of-pearl jewelry

    Dust can drop off gemstones and prevent the light to reflecting. To keep it bright and luminous, clean it every 2 months with a damp cloth and place it to dry in open air.

    Mother-of-pearls and nacres are fragile. You should keep them separate from other jewels when stored. 

    Have any other maintenance-related questions? Shoot us an email at or chat with us anytime via our Messenger embedded chat.